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Different Ways To Borrow Money:   The CU reported fairly strong net income at $170.6k, although this is down a bit from $190.8k at this time last year.  Areas of reduced profitability included loan income (down $25.8k), investment income (down $14.6k), total other operating expenses (up $72.2k), and PLLL expense (up $9.6k).  Offsetting this were areas of improved profitability, including: fee income (up $12.8k), employee compensation (down $5.7k), non-operating income (up $50k), and COF (down $26.8k).  The net worth ratio has changed little over the past year (a decline of 14 basis points), as asset growth was slightly more than 9% over the past year.  The CU historically has very low delinquency and charge-offs and continues that trend.  The yield on average loans is exceptionally low at 4.28%, as the CU is concentrated in RE (64% of loans), and has few unsecured loans (about 9%).  Fortunately, the yield on average investments is fairly high at 1.57%.  Fee income is near peer at 0.70%.  Operating expenses are very low at only 2.68% of average assets.  They have many long-term assets on the books, as the net long-term asset ratio is almost 43%.  They are well loaned out at 86%, and liquidity is somewhat tight at 14.6%.  Ultimately, for more information, visit:

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loans:  Four negative risk parameters were exceeded:  brokered CD growth > 50% NW (75.5%, annualized), RE > 40% of assets (47.85%), NLTA > 35% of assets (42.64%), and IRR Regulatory Requirement (IRR to NW = 307%).  Also, the red flag parameter was triggered for reporting no charge-offs.  This is unusual based on the size of the loan portfolio ($28M), although the CU has a history of low delinquency and charge-offs.  The CU has a large concentration of RE which causes them to trip the four negative risk parameters.  High concentrations of RE are common in Wisconsin.  Fortunately, delinquency and charge-offs are low, but IRR is elevated due to the concentration of long-term assets.  For more information, visit:

I Need To Borrow Money:  Although four negative risk parameters were exceeded, most were corrected.  If you still don’t understand what these parameter are, or why they would affect your need to borrow money, you should definitely visit:

Borrow Money From Your Parents:  You need to take steps to avoid the risk parameters from being tripped again.  One way to do this is to refrain from borrowing money from your parents.  There are many other methods as well, and they can be seen here:

Learn All That You Can Learn

The Army Learning Management SystemArmy Learning Management System

The US Army has made the Army Learning Management System its primary method of delivering computer based training, saving time and money. It is used for distance learning for soldiers and civilians, and is also used as a supplement to ongoing classroom and practical training. Depending on one’s role… Read More

Skillport army e-learning login

Many are wondering how does E Army Learning transfer to military promotion points? After completing the lesson, you will receive a certificate a day later in your AKO email. It states the number of credit hours along with the name and date of the class/when test taken. Give a COPY of the certificate… Read More

Army distance learning

Article: The Center for Army Lessons Learned gets it where others don’t. We’ve all heard the terms before. Best practice sharing…change management…lessons learned…keepers. Businesses have taken the concept of remembering what works and sharing it with others to the point where it’s become a … Read More

Army e learning portal

The Army Learning Management System is a web-based solution that lets soldiers and civilians learn at their own pace, quickly prepare for upcoming tasks by studying essential material, and stay current on their training no matter where they are. Trainers and commanders can spend less time organizing… Read More

Skillport army e-learning

Skillport Army E-learning is a wonderful training solution for all Active Duty, Reserves, Guards, and Department of the Army civilian personnel. Skillport Army E-learning is effective in that it offers web-based training and professional development, which simplifies learning for the users. Learners…

The benefits of Army E Learning are tremendous for our soldiers who have dedicated themselves to serving our country. E Learning is the newest trend in education and allows people to pursue an education from any distance or from the comfort of their own home. Soldiers can now get a quality education and earn a degree and pursue a new career after their work on the battlefield is done. E-learning classes are different than the traditional classroom setting; however they still provide the platform to success.   A very typical e-learning scenario allows one to simply log onto their computer to complete assignments and take exams. The beauty of the online classroom offers anyone the ability to study and learn at their own pace and in an environment they can be comfortable in. All Army E Learning classes are comparable to any e-learning course offered online. Soldiers can select and choose the right courses that suit their own personal interests and be on their way to a new career.   There are many schools and universities that offer e-learning programs for non-traditional students to get a degree and select a career choice. These e-learning programs can make the cost of an education more affordable as there is no physical classroom to attend. You choose your own program of study and complete the work load at your own pace. All you need is a computer and access to the internet and you have created you own learning environment.   Army E Learning gives soldiers the ability to pursue an education and still spend valuable time with their families. Anyone choosing to obtain an online degree through e-learning should still be very disciplined and take precautions. Not all e-learning courses offered are from accredited schools and universities. You must be careful to investigate and choose the online courses from legitimate accredited schools before you decide to further your education and spend hard earned money.   Discipline is of paramount importance for success when it comes to Army E Learning. This form of education is not for those who will find themselves procrastinating. Part of being a soldier involves developing a work ethic that helps you to pursue success at the very highest level. This takes drive, determination, will power and organization. Most soldiers will have the tools necessary from time spent in the military to allow themselves a successful path to a degree and a career by way of e-learning.

Free High Defintion TV – The Army Way

Alternatives to Cable alternatives to cable

In the Army, we aren’t pampered with the luxuries of cable TV and satellite TV.  Therefore, as we are with everything, we must become resourceful.  Most people think that because high definition is so beautiful-looking that it must cost an arm and a leg.  The truth is it doesn’t.  There are literally dozens of other ways everything can get HDTV without paying for it.  There are in fact numerous alternatives to satellite or cable.

Medium Directional Antenna medium directional antenna

An example of one item that can be used to get free HDTV is a medium directional antenna.  This is different than an omni-directional or multi-directional antenna.  This type of antenna is better to use when most signal sources are coming from the same general area.  These antennas focus their reception on a fairly narrow area.  They work great for that, but not as well for gathering signals from multiple directions.

Attic Antennaattic antenna

A specific example of a medium directional antenna is most people’s attic antenna.  Attic antennas are generally designed to point a certain direction in order to receive signals from that general direction.  Since they are not HUGE in size, they are known as medium (rather than small or large) directional antennas.

For more information about alternatives to cable or satellite, medium directional antennas, or attic antennas, visit:,, or, respectively.